Exposed Aggregate

Bring your concrete driveway to life.

Dressing up your property with an exposed aggregate driveway is a great way to increase curb appeal. An exposed aggregate driveway is a concrete finish that offers an inexpensive, low-maintenance alternative to plain concrete.

But it’s important that you pick the right contractor for the job, and that’s why we’ve been one of the preferred concreters Ballarat residents have chosen to install their new aggregate driveway or concrete slab.

Durable and low maintenance.

Exposed aggregate is a popular concrete finish that has been gaining ground in recent years because it features mixed materials like crushed shell, tile, rock and pebbles, which gives it the ability to withstand damage from vehicles or weather, making it both durable and low maintenance for homeowners.

While it looks like stone, Exposed Aggregate concrete is actually coloured concrete with exposed materials. It creates a natural look in addition to all the benefits of concrete, which can include low maintenance and the flexibility of adding your own textures and colours.

To ensure maximum durability and longevity, we use only premium products sourced from our trusted suppliers, such as Boral Concrete and Hanson Concrete.

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What is exposed aggregate concrete?

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The distinction between traditional concrete and exposed aggregate is the top layer of poured concrete. With traditional concrete, that surface smoothing process usually happens in-between layers to give it that more uniform look we’re all accustomed to. In exposed aggregate concrete, however, this top layer of poured concrete is washed away to reveal a beautiful mosaic of stones, allowing for a more natural look.

As a concrete contractor, we work hard to provide you with the best quality driveway possible. When we mix concrete, we ensure the aggregate is thoroughly mixed so bonding will be strong, as well as ensuring you’ll have an attractive finish. In order to make your concrete surface as beautiful and strong-looking as possible, you have to take the time that’s needed for all different phases. This includes bull floating and hand floating, guaranteeing that a smooth finish is achieved in every single case. This makes it uniquely beautiful in both design as well as texture.

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What are the benefits of exposed aggregate?

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There are multiple concrete finishes available for your home, but exposed aggregate Ballarat residents have picked as their preferred choice, because it looks great and can be applied to many surfaces, including driveways. The beauty of this type of concrete is not only is it visible from inside your property but also beyond the boundaries, making your residence more aesthetically pleasing to anyone passing by.

The best part about exposed aggregate is that it provides a unique style to any project, and this can be applied in both residential and commercial spaces. For example, your driveway will look great with an exposed aggregate finish, as the concrete has been chipped away to reveal the pebbles while also providing durability for all weather conditions! If you have a swimming pool at home or on the property, then exposing said flooring using this technique makes sense because not only does it provide water resistance but also enhances curb appeal through its aesthetic quality.

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What options do I have with exposed aggregate?


The vast number of choices out there for exposed aggregate concrete make it a versatile and fun way to add elements to any space. With exposed aggregate concrete, you open yourself to a world where your imagination is limitless – from smooth finishes reminiscent of marble or quartz with an industrial aesthetic, to textured aggregate with rough finishes that mimic natural stones in varying hues, like slate, that will fit seamlessly into both classic and modern homes alike. Whether it’s an understated look you want or you want to go all out with bold colours, there’s an exposed aggregate that will work best for what you need.


You can also customise the amount of aggregate in your foundation depending on your needs.  For example, you may want smaller stones for your pool surrounds for wet feet so that they don’t slip and slide; alternatively, on rougher surfaces where we don’t need as much grip and are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, such as our driveway, then exposing some larger rocks is ideal. If you’re uncertain about what you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch.


Aside from adjusting the amount of aggregate used in each batch of concrete mix, you can also choose how coarse or fine your aggregate needs to be. You even have the option to polish it for a professional look that will last! Whether your concrete driveway is getting too old or needs some refreshing after being damaged by weather conditions, exposed aggregate is perfect for any outdoor surface.

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Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Uplift your concrete driveway.

Exposed aggregate is a versatile concrete that offers many uses in other outdoor living spaces, too – from patio paths to high traffic walkways where safety matters most. It’s slip-resistant during the wet months, making it great to keep your guests safe as they relax outdoors without worrying about possible accidents due to slippery surfaces.

The irregular texture of exposed aggregate concrete provides not only a unique look but also an improved level of traction for both vehicles and feet, making it a smart choice for homeowners who are looking to make their concrete driveways more slip-resistant. This is a very big reason why this finishing type is used on concrete driveways – it can help you stay safe when travelling with your vehicle by providing the best possible grip and lead to fewer accidents during poor weather.

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Our Exposed Aggregate FAQs

Concrete has been one of the most popular choices for driveways because they are low maintenance and long lasting.

Why choose an exposed aggregate driveway?

Many homeowners in Ballarat are turning to exposed aggregate finishes because the design is elegant and easy to maintain. An exposed aggregate finish is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for something that will always look fresh and the perfect contrast to their landscaping.  With an exposed aggregate surface, you can expect your concrete to last many years without the need for repairs.

How do I maintain my exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a cost-effective, low maintenance material for your outdoor spaces. Beyond having the surface sealed with an epoxy sealant or other coating to ensure protection from moisture penetration, you’ll only need to perform light cleaning by hosing it down periodically with water.

Unlike brick pavers or natural stone patios that require sealing every few years or so because they are porous surfaces with gaps in the surface, your newly installed exposed aggregate will keep looking fresh indefinitely without any extra work.

How durable is exposed aggregate?

Durability is a primary consideration when it comes to the type of material you choose for your outdoor space. Tiles, pavers, and even timber are all aesthetically pleasing, but over time they will begin wearing out or cracking, which can make them unattractive in comparison to exposed aggregate – a durable solution that should barely need any maintenance at all. Worried about heavy traffic? Don’t be, as exposed aggregate is perfect for high-traffic areas and is even stronger than natural stone, such as granite or marble. Not only will your driveway last for generations, but it will also maintain its beautiful appearance through every season.

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It’s important to find a driveway that matches any existing landscape features on-site. If you need assistance, our Ballarat concreters will be happy to discuss our styles which range may best suit your property.

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