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Gravel and crushed rock driveway installation and resurfacing.

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Affordable driveways for your property.

If you are looking to make an excellent first impression, nothing does the job quite like gravel or crushed rock. With this material, there are endless design and materials options available to you, so there is sure to be something that will work with any style of home or landscape.

Our team have many years of experience in constructing beautiful driveways made from various materials, including crushed rock, which has been used by homeowners throughout Australia since the 70s due to its affordability, aesthetic appeal, and easy installation process.

Gravel is a great option.

What is a gravel driveway?

While many people are familiar with concrete driveways, crushed rock is becoming more popular. Crushed rock typically consists of clay, sand and silt mixed together with larger pebbles or stones to make up the driveway material.

A border made out of wood or other materials keeps the aggregate contained. To create a stable surface, gravel is mixed with stones of different sizes and colours ranging across the spectrum. This mixture makes it compact better than using plain rocks.

Different types of gravel driveways can be designed with different purposes in mind; some seek to let water flow through them, while others repel standing water on top of them, similar to concrete or asphalt.

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Why choose a gravel driveway?

If you want a long-lasting driveway that won’t break the bank, then crushed rock is the way to go. While it is less common in urban areas, many people are opting for crushed rock as their driveway material.

Compared to other materials like concrete or asphalt, which can cost more and take a longer time to construct with heavy equipment, crushed rocks are inexpensive but durable enough that they will last generations if properly maintained.

Crushed rocks don’t require any special tools, so our concreting contractors could practically have your construction ready in just a few days!

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Our Gravel Driveway Process

Installation of a crushed rock driveway.

Crushed rock driveways are a fantastic option for homeowners who want to add an interesting and aesthetically pleasing feature to their homes.

Experienced concreters in Ballarat should be able easily able to complete a gravel driveway installation within just a few days depending on how big of job it entails and what kind of vision the client has.



The first step when landscaping with gravel is to excavate the area and remove any debris.



We then firmly compact the ground, after which landscaping fabric will then be laid down over it.



The next step is to place down edging strips – these strips are usually made out of concrete or wood and help keep the crushed rock in place, ensuring a tidy appearance.



For a base, we lay down chunks of crushed rock and Then, on top of that, we pour on a second layer of smaller stones.



Finally, to make it even and smooth out any odd bumps or holes, we level the surface using finely crushed stone.



When all of this process has been finalised, we rake over it until we are satisfied with its uniformity, and then your crushed rock driveway is good to go!

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Our FAQs

What are the benefits of a gravel driveway?


Crushed rock driveways are a popular choice for many people. They work beautifully in all styles of homes, from traditional to contemporary or cottage, and they can also be used for other projects, such as crushed rock pathways.


Designing a personalised, one-of-a-kind driveway is easier than you might think, and crushed rock is the perfect material for it. Crushed rock allows for virtually no limitations in terms of the shape and size that your design takes on; it is easy to pour and sculpt into any desired form, and the finished product is strong, durable, and versatile for all types of weather conditions.


Cracks in a concrete driveway are inevitable. Cracked asphalt is not worth the hassle because it can be costly to repair and maintain. Unlike other types of driveways, crushed rock will never crack, so you won’t have to worry about any problems with your surface! If you also live in an area prone to tree roots breaking up concrete and asphalt driveways, crushed rock will alleviate this problem.


A crushed rock driveway doesn’t require the same amount of time and effort as a concrete or asphalt driveway. Homeowners can walk on it immediately after completion, allowing you to use it right away when compared with other materials that need drying before being able to be used.

What are the negative sides of a gravel driveway?

Frequent maintenance is a must

Crushed rock driveways require more frequent maintenance than concrete or asphalt to remain in pristine condition, but it will extend your driveway’s lifespan and prevent costly replacement in the long run. Crushed rock driveways can last a long time with proper upkeep, which is due to them being more resistant than asphalt or concrete.

Potholes and dips may occur

While a crushed rock driveway is easier to maintain than a paved one, it does have a few drawbacks. Crushed rock driveways can develop potholes and dips over time, especially with heavy car use. These are easy fixes, however, as most homeowners will just need a shovel to fill in any holes they create over time using a small pile of gravel set aside for basic maintenance repairs.

Drainage may get clogged

Drainage ditches alongside the driveway can also get clogged with debris. Removing this debris will help maintain a clean and functional drainage system that allows for the proper flow of water when it rains. If there are any weeds or grass growing up through the gravel, you should spray a herbicide on top of them to kill off these plants before they start damaging your driveway’s structure.

How often do I need to maintain my gravel driveway?

A crushed rock driveway has the potential to last well over a century if maintained properly; in comparison, over a long period of time, an older cemented or paved road would require significant restoration. Depending on how much traffic your crushed rock surface receives, regrading your crushed rock driveway is necessary once a year to keep everything running smoothly.

How can I combat potholes?

To combat potholes, you will need to fill them as soon as they appear. Pothole filling is done with various tools depending on the size and depth of the hole. When the holes get too deep or extensive for a shovel, bigger equipment like tractors are necessary to grade out a surface area for fresh gravel to be laid down.

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