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Stunning footpaths you simply can't walk past.

We create beautiful and durable concrete footpaths for the exterior of your home. Our innovative designs will complement any style or theme in order to elevate your home’s appeal.

We’re here to help you design your space in a way that is both beautiful and functional. Our team takes pride in creating only top-notch footpaths for all walks of life – so trust us when it comes time to elevate these surfaces outside as well.

With over a decade of experience, the team of concrete footpaths specialists can assist you with quality concrete footpath installation in Ballarat. Our extensive track record means we have the expertise to install pathways for commercial or residential purposes as well as industrial sites; no job is too challenging!

Durable and low maintenance.

What are concrete paths built for?

A pristine concrete footpath is more than just a paved walkway; it’s the perfect way to show off your driveways and sidewalks.

The skilful application and installation of concrete are what sets our company apart.

Our team of highly trained contractors can enhance your property with a beautiful, seamless concrete footpath that will not only protect the integrity and safety of those walking on it but also make them feel at ease.

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Paths around the house

Your outdoor area is what makes your house great, and we want to help give it the perfect look. We offer a range of options for your concrete footpaths, with each solution tailored just to you.

Our concrete pathways will transform your landscape into a thing of beauty, and with our variety of concrete pathways, we can also coordinate them with any driveway – whether we’re matching to coloured concrete or exposed aggregate, creating a stunning landscape for your home is what we do best.

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Concrete Footpath Finishes

Stenciled Concrete Footpaths

Concrete stencils are a great way to make your walkway more interesting and creative. Concrete stencilling involves adding colours using paint or pigment powders then etching them on top of an already existing design before placing it down for good. With this method, you can create patterns that will enhance the look of any home exterior while also giving off an elegant vibe.

Stamped Concrete Footpaths

A stamped concrete path might be perfect for your front lawn or garden. The amazing thing about this design style is all of the different ways in which you could customize it to mimic other surfaces. While the concrete is wet, patterns are stamped into various shapes that give the appearance of brick or even stone walkways for an authentic look, making them look nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, all without having to pave your entire lawn!

Exposed Aggregate Footpaths

Exposed aggregate footpaths are a great choice when designing a path around your home. Often used for driveways for their sturdiness and slip-resistance, they’re the perfect choice for areas like Ballarat that are often hit with rainfall throughout the year.

Concrete Pavers

If a complete concreting isn’t what you’re searching for, we can design and lay concrete pavers around your property instead. Concrete pavers can be used in several ways, enhancing visual appearance while remaining on budget.

Our experience has given us plenty of tricks up our sleeve, so get in touch if you’re interested in discovering more about how concrete footpaths can be transformed into something stylish.

What are the benefits of a concrete path?

Stylish and functional.

Concrete paths and walkways are a popular choice around the home. Whether that’s to complement your driveway or to provide safety around the skirts of your home, finding reputable concreting companies to perform the job is a must. To help assist you in your choice, we’ve listed the benefits of installing a footpath below.


A beautiful concrete pathway can transform one’s yard into a showpiece. Concrete has an elegant, clean finish that can be used for any style of home or property, and with its wide variety of design options available, it’s easy for homeowners to find one that suits their needs best. This versatile surface pairs well with neatly manicured lawns to create cohesive outdoor spaces in which all elements complement each other harmoniously.


The durability of concrete pathways makes them a great choice for landscaping projects. If you want the best investment that will last for decades, concrete is an elegant and long-lasting solution. When used in conjunction with proper upkeep, this hardy material can withstand the most extreme climates, maintaining its appearance well over time even with regular foot traffic, making it the perfect choice for any landscape design.

Low Maintenance

A concrete path is a great option for maintaining an attractive landscape. When compared to gravel paths, they require less maintenance since you just sweep, blow or hose them clean in the summer, and use your shovel if necessary during the winter months.


OS Concreters Ballarat is a team of professional concrete specialists who will deliver the footpaths you need on time and within your budget. We are committed to meeting all expectations while ensuring we stay in contact with our clients throughout every stage of project development, including pricing guidance for each individual job site or size order depending upon complexity levels that best suit our client’s needs.


A home’s foundation is its most important structure. Erosion and water seepage can cause structural damage, so it’s crucial to protect this area with concrete installations like walkways or sidewalks around the outside of your house. These pathways will make it easier for rainwater to drain away, not only preventing any structural problems in future but also making sure that any issues now won’t get worse over time.

Our FAQs

Why would I choose a concrete pathway?

If your household contains someone who has difficulty walking or moving around, then concrete is an excellent choice for a walkway. It provides stability and an even surface, meaning no slippery slopes, gaps or cracks that could make it unsafe for anyone who might need assistance walking on them, including those with disabilities. You can even install concrete paths between different spaces to make your house more practical and let you access certain areas of it from anywhere in the home. For example, if you frequently need to carry things from your house to the shed but get tired of stepping through muddy grass just to get there, then linking these two might just do the trick! Not only can concrete pathways be a beautiful addition to your yard, but by adding these cement paths through the grass, you’re preserving it for future generations as well.

How can I liven up a concrete path?

In the last step of your pathway design, you have the opportunity to really make your pathway stand out. Adding colour or patterns to your concrete pathways can dramatically enhance their visual appeal. There are a variety of concrete colours and patterns available that will fit any style or mood desired for this final phase in designing an outdoor space.

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