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Create More Space Within Your Yard With Wall Reinforcements.

Retaining walls are commonly built with concrete sleepers, timber or metal. Depending on your requirements, they’re perfect to help create more space in your front yard or backyard or even for commercial purposes in parks and businesses.

Many of our Ballarat customers use retaining walls to create a wider living space in their backyards and use it as a way to work with their landscapers to utilise the space creatively.

Durable and low maintenance.

For all of your wall retaining needs.

All retaining walls require professional excavators to perform a cut out prior to installing the sleepers. Fortunately, our fully equipped team are able to do the cut, prepare the sleepers and install the retaining wall for an easy process and at an affordable rate.

The team at OS Concreters Ballarat want to help you achieve the best results for your property with a full service in retaining walls, earthmoving and concreting.

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Types of Retaining Walls

Concrete Sleepers

Timber Sleepers

Metal or Tin

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Our FAQs

Why would I choose a concrete pathway?

If your household contains someone who has difficulty walking or moving around, then concrete is an excellent choice for a walkway. It provides stability and an even surface, meaning no slippery slopes, gaps or cracks that could make it unsafe for anyone who might need assistance walking on them, including those with disabilities. You can even install concrete paths between different spaces to make your house more practical and let you access certain areas of it from anywhere in the home. For example, if you frequently need to carry things from your house to the shed but get tired of stepping through muddy grass just to get there, then linking these two might just do the trick! Not only can concrete pathways be a beautiful addition to your yard, but by adding these cement paths through the grass, you’re preserving it for future generations as well.

How can I liven up a concrete path?

In the last step of your pathway design, you have the opportunity to really make your pathway stand out. Adding colour or patterns to your concrete pathways can dramatically enhance their visual appeal. There are a variety of concrete colours and patterns available that will fit any style or mood desired for this final phase in designing an outdoor space.

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