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Perfect for sheds, garages, patios and pergolas.

Constructing any type of building from the ground up is an exciting and daunting prospect. It’s essential to get this one done right, so you can be confident in your home for years to come. We are specialists in residential concreting in Ballarat, with many years of experience under our belts.

We know you’re looking for a concrete slab that will stand the test of time. As a premium supplier of concrete slabs, we are proud to offer you the quality and reliability that our company is known for. Whether you need your new deck laid by professionals or are looking to construct a new shed, dependable slab construction from us will get any project off without a hitch.

Our slabs are built strong.

They’re not just durable, they also provide top-notch insulation. We ensure that homeowners will have peace of mind knowing they’ve made the best choice when it comes time to buy a slab.

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What are concrete slabs?

A concrete slab provides a sturdy base and is the backbone of any structure, and without them, you’re left with nothing more than an incomplete house or garden shed. We have the expertise and knowledge to lay solid foundations at your desired location that can withstand different weather conditions across the seasons, such as floods or heavy rainfalls.

You want it strong and sturdy, which is why a concrete slab foundation will be your best friend. With OS Concreters Ballarat‘s solid expertise, we have the perfect team that can make sure everything goes smoothly from excavations, pouring, formwork, steel reinforcement’s – right up to the finishing touches.

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Why concrete slabs?

Concrete is an amazing material that will help you build yourself the perfect outdoor area. You can make a concrete slab for your foundation, and it won’t break down like other materials might over time.

Concrete slabs are also more affordable upfront, making them better to use around your home or property.

Our concrete services offer poured slabs of the highest quality. We can provide a range of options for different needs and budgets.

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Types Of Concrete Slabs

Get it built correctly from the start.

Foundation problems can be severe and expensive to repair if not avoided in the first place – which means getting something sturdy set up correctly from day one will help you down the line. We specialise in carport, garage, patios and shed concrete slabs, which will help ensure that your project is delivered correctly and will extend the life of your building foundation.

Sheds and Garages

The concrete slabs we install are perfect for your shed or garage. No matter what sort of project you’re doing, a foundation is a must-have that will last many years to come. Without the proper groundwork laid early on in construction projects, it becomes difficult to fix any potential issues as they arise later on. Our team’s expertise in installing these types of foundations means they’ll be sturdy enough to give the building strength while also being natural and durable, so it won’t ever need replacing.

Patios and Pergolas

You can’t go wrong with a concrete patio installation or upgrade that will leave your outdoor space looking ten times better than what you had before! If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, then concrete is a great choice. Our patio and pergola slabs are sturdy and built for the long haul, providing years of entertainment with no breakage or maintenance. We also offer decorative options like natural finishes and brick and stone pavers.

Strip Footings

A concrete footing is a structural element that provides support for the foundation of buildings. We install concrete strip footings in both residential and commercial projects to keep the building’s foundation from settling; footings are also used when putting down decking on your home to help prevent cracks from forming over time. They are made from reinforced concrete which is durable enough to withstand heavy weights while still being less expensive than other materials like steel or wood.

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